About us

University of Gjakova Faculty of  Medicine ”Fehmi Agani”

In September 2004 the UP Senate, with the proposals of the Joint Governing Board, approved the curricula for the branch in Gjakova. The Faculty of Medicine from the University of Prishtina with a degree in Nursing and Midwifery started working with the branch in Gjakova in the academic year 2011/2012.

The Faculty of Medicine from the academic year 2013-2014 works with the following programs: 

• Nursing (BSc, 180 ECTS) 

• Midwife (BSc, 180 ECTS)   

To accomplish the mission, the following strategic objectives have been set: 

1. Building human capacities for quality teaching and scientific-research activities, 

2. Providing quality study programs in areas relevant to the labour market and social development, 

3. Providing efficient and quality student services, 

4. Creating optimal infrastructure conditions for meeting quality standards 

5. Creating an environment conducive to scientific-research activity  

Cooperation with national and international higher education institutions.

UGJFA has created such programs that are a necessity of the time and in accordance with the requirements of the labor market, namely education, health, economics, administration staff,  social sciences as well as other areas through which Kosovo and the region will increase competitiveness, education levels and other aspects  

Brief History of the Faculty of Medicine 

As mentioned above, the Faculty of Medicine, in the history of UGJFA, is a continuation of the Higher School of Pedagogy (1958) where the Biology-Chemistry branch was opened since 1968, and for decades has trained teachers of educational profile based on market needs within and outside Kosovo.

The Faculty of Medicines a branch of  UP has continued to enroll students until 2013 and after the establishment of the University "Fehmi Agani" passes as its unit with the programs: Midwifery and Nursing. These programs are initially accredited by the KAA for a 2 year period (01.10.2014 - 30 September 2016) and then a three year period (01.10.2016 -30 September 2019). Due to non-functioning of KAA all their decisions last for one more year (1.10.2019 - 30.09.2020).  

Faculty of Medicine, with regular employment contract has 5 professors with title  of Prof. Assoc., 3 professors with prof. Ass., 1 lecturer, 13 assistants all with a regular employment contract and also  there are other professors from UFAGj (Faculty of Education) who are engaged in teaching process.  Moreover, Faculty of Medicine has a number of engaged Professors (Part Time) with academic degrees: Doctor of Science, Doctor of Medicine, Bachelor and Master of Nursing and registered PhDs as well as 5 Clinical Practice assistants.  

Faculty administration, assisting the work of academic staff as well as student services, is governed by several structures, depending on the sector and the nature of the work.

Gjakova University "Fehmi Agani" has only full-time students while there are no correspondence studies due to the specifics of practical learning and so far there are 2819 students in all academic units. The number of students is harmonized with the MEST (as the main  absorber of Faculty staff), and the Rectorate of the University of Gjakova “Fehmi Agani” before the start of the new academic year preparations, in accordance with the decision for accreditation of the State Council of Quality.  

The gender ratio of students in bachelor FM shows a female predominance toward male. The 440 of students enrolled in the last 4 years, 81 are male and 359 female. 

The first generation graduation in this faculty started on 09.12.2016 and their number was 71. So far 485 students have graduated from FM in both the Midwifery and Nursing fields. The number of 485 FM graduates as well as students expected to graduate in the 2019/20 academic year is a very promising indicator of the possibility of recruiting the best students in the Master studies .

Our students also apply to international organizations and other local institutions. UGJFA, respectively FM students are beneficiaries of MEST scholarships as well. An example of this is the scholarship recipients for the 2017/18 academic year, and for the 2019/2020 academic year scholarship recipients were 20 Nursing students and 15 Midwifery students.

Teaching, learning and curriculum 

UGJFA in general and the Faculty of Medicine in particular attach special importance to the teaching process, where learning is organized in the form of theoretical lectures, individual and group workshops on topics of interest, laboratory exercises and clinical practice / clinical mentoring. 

Teaching is organized with the most modern methods by being interactive, proactive and student oriented in order to maximize the engagement in the classroom. The use of modern and proven teaching techniques (such as case-based learning, scientific research and projects, simulation learning, co-creative learning, etc.) is much emphasized. 

Academic staff is constantly encouraged to pursue various training and education with the aim of enhancing professional and pedagogical training. 

Thanks to the work developed in the above-mentioned projects (plus training and teaching visits to Partner Universities), today in various subjects of the programs offered at the Faculty of Medicine, the academic staff develops courses based on the most up-to-date teaching techniques, from problem-based learning, evidence-based learning, simulation-based learning, project-based learning and case studies, co-creation learning, student integration into decision making processes, etc. 

At the time of graduation the student is also provided with the Diploma Supplement, an internationally accepted document explaining and linking the program to learning outcomes in the labor market, a form that internationalizes the degree. The student is also provided with two additional attachments; one that states the invitation to alumni and the other the student’s data on alumni.

The teaching process and academic staff, based on the qualifications and specializations completed, are in line with the legal requirements as prescribed in the Administrative Accreditation Instruction.

The staff has been trained in teaching and learning methods through initiatives and various international projects where UGJFA is a Partner (ERASMUS + projects such as EUFORIA, SOCRE, SMAHPC).

For the realization of the program, the Faculty of Medicine at the "Fehmi Agani" University in Gjakova besides possessing infrastructure, laboratory cabinets and high quality equipment according to European standards, cooperates with all Health Institutions in Gjakova (General Hospital, Family Medical Centers). , Mental Health Centre, Occupational Medicine Institutions, Regional Institute of Public Health), in particular with the Main Centre and Family  Medicine Centres in Gjakova, General Hospital “Isa Grezda” in Gjakova; University Clinical Centre of Kosovo in Pristina  and also we have the numerous cooperation agreements signed by UGFA with various  International Institutions.

The research activity is funded by the budget of UGJFA, MEST and external partners and donors participating in joint projects.

The budget for research and scientific research covers: 

-Faculty research projects; 

-Participation in international scientific conferences; 

-Publishing of scientific papers in international scientific journals; 

-Costs of co-financing - participation in regional and international research projects.