Graduate nurses in the health profession of nursing, are employees who belong to the tasks (competencies) and responsible in providing general nursing assistance in response to the health problems of the individual and the community, at the same time are able to provide nursing care preventive, curative , soothing and rehabilitation.

With regard to employment opportunities, we believe that these students can work:
• In primary health care, FMC, also in rural areas, because of a lack of nurses.
• In secondary and tertiary (as in our country exists): Regional Hospital Center of Mental Health and the National Institute of Occupational Medicine [NIOM], such that the need for nursing as in our region, as well as in Kosovo, in accordance with the agreement with the Ministry of Health (MoH).
• With the program and preparation that will make these students may also be employed in the private system and abroad.

Nursing program is divided into 6 semesters and duration of studies is three academic years, equivalent to 180 ECTS. Each semester is 30 credits.

Studies include the basis of:
• basic biomedical sciences
• humanities and social sciences
• professional clinical nursing science

The content of the program is in full compliance with European requirements for a proper and appropriate training in nursing. In our curriculum, nursing care is attached to each specific subject making them integrated with each other. In this program students create a clear vision for building a normal human body by physiological, anatomical and biochemical. Also gain knowledge about pathological anatomy, microbiology, infectious diseases, etc..

Main part on the ECTS are carried by characterize forming subjects as internal diseases, surgical diseases, pediatric diseases, obstetrics – gynecology diseases, medical emergencies etc. In every professional subjects program will be also included specific nursing care with the intention that students besides knowing the disease also having to know how to understand specific cares toward the diseased people. A special place will be left for optional subjects and for those with character forming ability. Starting from the second semester of the first year in the teaching curricula is planned a professional practice aiming to develop students’ knowledge to serve clients/patients in different medical situations.
Drafting of these objectives and curricula is made starting from the experience of our public nursing schools and  also by other  faculties similar to European and particularly those Slovenian. The experience of these last is taken into consideration even the fact that some of these students after graduation to apply for employment in this country and the experience so far has shown that they are successful.