Research and Projects in Medical Faculty

At UGJFA, the research component is given special attention, especially by the new management of the University. The research is set out in the top priorities of the Institution.

To this aim, the University of Gjakova “FEHMI AGANI” has developed a concrete research plan that meets the commitment and contribution requirements of academic staff and students, being a very important part of a number of international projects. The plan is designed to enable all members of the teaching staff to contribute to the discussion and planning of research at the institution.

According to the Scientific Research Regulation approved by the University Senate, it is foreseen to develop basic, advanced and applied research activities in the areas of science that UGFA organizes studies in order to identify their needs for specific staff profiles, organization of local scientific conferences, regional and international research, development of scientific research and cooperation with other research institutions at home and abroad.

In addition, the institution has developed policies and stimulatory measures aimed at enhancing competitiveness, international visibility and advancement of scientific- research.

The research activity is funded by the budget of UGJFA, MEST and external partners and donors participating in joint projects.

The budget for research and scientific research covers:

-Faculty research projects;

-Participation in international scientific conferences;

-Publishing of scientific papers in international scientific journals;

-Costs of co-financing - participation in regional and international research projects.

Exchange of our staff and students is also one of our current orientations, our staff and students are active in these processes through the ERASMUS + KA107 code

The FM management together with the program holders identify the areas of interest for research at the Faculty of Medicine as follows:

  • Public health and health promotion;
  • Protection of women's health;
  • Geriatrics, gerontology and active aging;
  • Palliative care;
  • Chronic mass infectious diseases;
  • At UGJFA the research is defined as a careful study of the study in relation to a particular concern or problem dismounted in detail through scientific methodology, which is reflected in the UGJFA FM research development plan.

Projects benefited by HERAS where our academic staff is involved are:

  • Percutaneous coronary intervention in patients with acute myocardial infarction in Kosovo population.

Establish effective institutionalized interaction between University and Alumni.

The December Conference on Prevention, Patronage in Nursing Care is also a regular activity, supported by UGJFA, organized by the FM teacher. Teachers, assistants and students of UGJFA are also involved in the Organizational, Scientific and Moderating Councils as well as in the presentation. Abstracts from this conference are published in an international journal supplement.

The objectives of the research will be.

  1. The involvement of teachers and students in scientific research papers
  2. Maintaining and improving the health of the population
  3. Adaptation of evidence-based practices
  4. Publication of researches in professional and scientific journals.

The use of case studies, in particular those based on Kosovar companies and institutions, has been somewhat unusual and a change in teaching, learning and assessment strategy has been needed. And this change has a profound impact on students' learning experience and their preparation for the job market. A good example of this is the ERASMUS + EUFORIA Project .

In addition to these research projects, students and teaching staff are constantly able to get involved in various international projects through various public calls, also published on UGJFA's web sites and at the UGFA's FM premises. As for the ongoing project, supported by the US Embassy, UGJFA has two project while one is finished  where regular staff and students are also engaged to be present and assist in the practical stages of lab work, taking blood samples. Even in the upcoming project supported by the US Embassy, which has begun with the start of the new academic year, it is planned to involve staff and students with concrete fieldwork in taking water sample analysis from wells in Municipality of Gjakova.

Students through their work face professional / scientific research work, thus facing these challenges from the first semesters during their studies until graduation. UGJFA students are supported and engaged in research projects and other activities. For 2018 we have spent about 2173 euros in activities (research expeditions, visits) and 49317 euros in student support based on learning outcomes, while for 2019 we have 15717 euros spent in activities and 64 800 in student support based on learning outcomes.

The new management of UGJFA has prioritized the priority in the field of international cooperation and joint projects in the field of scientific research and research. UGFA is currently a serious and credible partner in the ERASMUS + projects we are implementing.

 Programme or initiative

Reference number

Beneficiary Organization

Title of the project

Project value

Erasmus+ CBHEI





DRIVE (Develop, Research and Innovation capacities in Albania and


 UGJFA participation 23 310 euro

Erasmus+ CBHEI






Research Cult

(Enhancing Research

Culture in Higher

Education in Kosovo)

851 930 the whole project, while 


participation will be soon found out 

Erasmus+ CBHEI 




University of Prishtina, 

Faculty of


QATEK (Towards

Quality Oriented System of Initial Teacher Education to Increase Teacher Professionalism in Kosovo)

 95 865 euro

 UGJFA benefits

Erasmus+ CBHEI



“Kadri Zeka”

QUADIC (Quality

Development of


Cooperation and Project Management).

53726 euro UGJFA benefits

Erasmus+ CBHEI


College Haimerer 

SMAHPC (Student-run

Multidisciplinary Allied

Health Practice Centre)

69 360 euro

 UGJFA benefits


List of scientific publications of the academic staff of the Faculty of Medicine - University of Gjakova "Fehmi Agani"