Public Health

The mission of public health is to improve the conditions and behaviours that affect health so that all people can attain it. This mission includes not only the practice of public health policy, but the research of public health issues and the education of future leaders who will eventually transfer the research into practices and policies to improve the health of people in the region, nationally and globally.

The mission of this study program is to prepare health professionals in the Public Health profile who, with the necessary theoretical and practical professional knowledge and skills, will be able to work in the public or private sector, at home and abroad in compliance with contemporary field standards. Employees of the Public Health Profile in Health will be responsible for carrying out their duties and competencies individually but will also rely on multidisciplinary teamwork.

The program aims at providing qualitative university and vocational education and training, continuous training and adapting its activities to social and economic developments.
The profile and program of study aims to prepare professionals capable of working in various specific areas within health, research institutions and related fields of medical activity.
The Public Health study program is based on providing knowledge, practicing professional / scientific skills; evaluation of the knowledge provided, practical and theoretical; designing, discussing, presenting, implementing, completing and writing the research project; providing knowledge enhancement in addition to the student's affinity and needs. All this focuses on improving and strengthening the health system and the use of whose global standards for health education.
The objectives of the Public Health program are:
• Develop skilled professional staff to provide the knowledge, skills and health services needed for the community and labour market;
• Expanding the various fields of study;
• Reach agreements with other local, regional and international higher education institutions;
• Increase participation in various local and international academic and infrastructure projects;
• To provide mobility for academic staff and students with relevant international institutions;
• Support for scientific research;
• Internationalizing our programs - offering modules in English;
• Ensuring the highest levels of quality;
• Promoting health and a healthy lifestyle;
• Promote adequate ethics and communication in patient-health and inter-collegiate relationships;
• Increasing access to contemporary literature through academic platforms and literature

The basic values of the program:
Community - We believe that allowing participation and encouraging stakeholder collaboration helps create healthy communities.
Diversity - We promote a learning environment that allows students, faculty and staff to reach their full potential by integrating individual strengths, developing talents and creativity, and maintaining mutual respect.
Innovation - We reward excellence and welcome creative achievements to advance public health.
Justice - We believe that individuals should have an equal access to resources and knowledge that support their right to access and participate freely in improving the health of the individual and population.
Professionalism - We promote the development of public health professionals who will uphold the highest ethical standards with competence, enthusiasm, respect, integrity, responsibility, responsibility and a commitment to lifelong learning.
Science - We are committed to scientific rigor, critical analysis, and sound reasoning in public health research and practice.
Sustainability - We are committed to environmental, social and economic management in the research, practice and development of the public health workforce.

Public Health incorporates the various fields of study that apply to different levels of health care, so this program will prepare health professionals who develop competencies as public health professionals who will actively engage with the community to promote and protect their health, reduce health inequalities through deficiencies in undeserved services and vulnerable populations. For fulfilling obligations to meet permanent requirements in this field. The bachelor level study program titled "Public Health" is based on the National and European Qualifications Frameworks and Directive 2005/36 / EC and Directive 2013/55 / EU on the development and improvement of health education