University Health Center


The mission of the University Health Center (QSHU) is to increase student success by providing high quality outpatient health care services, easily accessible and based on contemporary scientific principles.

The University Health Center (QSHU), conveniently located on campus, is available to all students, university staff and their families, whether for the treatment of an illness, injury or regular injections of various medications.

Health care will be provided by the doctor and nurses on campus.


General information

Student health care is provided by the University Health Center (QSHU), which is an outpatient student health care facility located on the UFAGJ campus.

QSHU will have its own doctor and a full-time nurse, on time, so that health care services are available to students on campus. QSHU also works closely with regional hospitals, that of Gjakova "Isa Grezda", Prizren "Dr. Daut Mustafa ”, Peja Hospital, as well as the HUCSK in Prishtina, according to the need and pathology cooperates with their specialists to coordinate referrals for UFAGJ students.

The University Health Center is opened during the academic year, however, in cases where a student may need health care it will be continued by other local health care providers (evenings, weekends or when a doctor is not available due to acute illness or emergency situation).

If students need health care, when QSHU services are not available, students are encouraged to go to one of the Family Medicine Centers, or emergency rooms in the regional hospitals. For real health emergencies, in the time after the regular working hours of QSHU, students should call the Emergency of the city of Gjakova.


Doctor and nursing services

QSHU hires a qualified doctor, a qualified nurse to provide quality health care services. There will be two rooms - Outpatient clinics.

In the room - First Clinic, will work the qualified doctor for student services, while the room - Second Clinic will be of "Diabetic Foot", which will be led according to the SMAHPC project by students and tutors (professors and assistants). of UFAGJ, involved in this project) where they will provide services to patients and families with diabetes.


First ambulance, the following services are planned:

  1. At Doctor and nurse visits when the student is ill or injured;
  2. Application of therapy prescribed by regional hospitals and local clinics;
  3. Routine immunizations, and those for international travel;
  4. Laboratory services;
  5. Special health services, such as plucking and wound care;
  6. Check-in visits of students after discharge from hospital or an emergency care institution;
  7. Systematic visits of UFAGJ students;
  8. Visits of UFAG employees (pedagogues, administration, support staff);
  9. Visits of family members of UFAG employees (pedagogues, administration, support staff);
  10. Referrals for health care needs that are beyond the scope of practice for QSHU, referrals to emergency care services or local emergency departments.


The second clinic, (Diabetic Foot Clinic - where the patient is in the center of action, according to the SMAHPC project), the following services are planned:

  1. Visits of patients with diabetes, with changes in the diabetic foot;
  2. Treatment of changes in the diabetic foot;
  3. Educating diabetic patients and their families about;
  4. Measurement of glycemia;
  5. Jen Taking insulin;
  6. Hygienic care of the foot;
  7. I Healthy eating in diabetics;
  8. Instructions for recreation in diabetics, etc.
  9. The first and second clinics will serve for the education of the students of the Faculty of Medicine, their direct involvement to gain the necessary competencies for the treatment of the patient / client.


Medium term plans

It is planned to set up emergency outpatient service for students on campus, led by medical students, who will be certified for emergency / paramedical services. This emergency service will be provided according to the needs of students, UFAGJ campus staff and the community, in cooperation with the Fire Department of the city of Gjakova, with the Kosovo Police in Gjakova, the Red Cross, for joint services that can offer to the community. Certified resuscitation and emergency students will provide health services on a voluntary basis, and will be considered in the final evaluation of their internship.

It is planned to provide specialist services for students, staff and the community in specific areas, in those areas that we have professors of the Faculty of Medicine, such as in the field of Environment, Hygiene, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, Cardiology, Surgery, Orthopedics, Physics etc. Schedules will be set on clinical working days. This will have an educational role for our students, a role in gaining and enhancing clinical skills and responsibilities. Clinical services will be provided by our professors with their expertise.

Our partners will be: Firefighters, Kosovo Police, Red Cross.

Head of the University Health Center (QSHU)

of the University "Fehmi Agani" in Gjakova


Prof. Ass. Dr. Faton T. Hoxha dr.sci.


Decision on the establishment of the Commission for drafting general normative acts on the organization, the way of conducting the University Health Center of UGJFA

Decision on the establishment of the University Health Center of UGJFA