Prof. Asoc. Dr. Artan Nimani

Prof. Asoc. Dr. Artan Nimani



Dear students, teachers and collaborators,

University of Gjakova "Fehmi Agani" conducts its activity in accordance with the Bologna principles and the legal provisions of the Republic of Kosova, respecting all standards of the time that are transferred into teaching, curriculum, infrastructure and the electronic system to enable a quality educational and scientific process, highlighting the contemporary approach in organizing studies.

The mission of the University of Gjakova is to contribute to society through the development of higher education and lifelong learning, scientific and professional research with standards of excellence, ethics and morality.

Being aware that the main task of the University of Gjakova is to teach the principles of compliance with EU quality control and standards, it is also an immediate task to transfer the teaching bases to all cooperating institutions, both in the community and with the stakeholders.

Our daily commitment to better results, more effective study and high quality is a derivative of the vision to complete the overall physiognomy of the University, creating conditions for integration into the European space, on equal basis with other universities in the country.

I wish our criteria be oriented towards knowledge, success, professionalism, responsibility and competence. By meeting these criteria we value humane, ethical values ​​and respect diversity.

As a Rector of the University of Gjakova I feel the weight of my responsibility and I look forward to hearing from our students and partners, the story of our future success!