University of Gjakova  "Fehmi Agani" continues the commitments in the KODE Project funded by the World Bank is the establishment of the National Research and Education Network (NREN) through which the connection of universities and colleges in the pan-Europian GEANT network will be done (https://www.geant.org).

Successful implementation of this project definitely means continuous engagement in discussions with higher education institutions and other research institutes.

In order to take concrete steps for the establishment of the National Network for Research and Education, UGJFA nominated Prof.Ass.Dr. Laura Naka and IT Arbër Krypa (who will be contacted to facilitate the technical aspects of the institution's involvement in the national NREN and the GEANT Network) who represent our institution in working meetings that will aim at the strategic development orientation of the national NREN and will facilitate efforts to maximize benefits in the field of scientific research.

Today, on 28.05.2020, the webinar "European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)" was held, organized by the Implementing Unit of the KODE project, respectively by the Ministry of Economy, Employment, Trade, Industry, Enterprenuership and Strategic Investments (MEPTINIS), with the following agenda:

1.      NI4OS-Europe in the wider EOSC ecosystem 
Anastas Mishev, UKIM, North Macedonia

2.      National OS initiatives 
Natalia Manola, ATHENA RC, Greece

3.      FAIR data principles, foundation of EOSC 
Vladimir Trajkovikj, UKIM, North Macedonia

EOSC is an initiative of the European Commission and in the future will be the main infrastructure for cooperation between institutions for higher education, for research activities throughout Europe. An important part of the initiative is the funds for scientific activities. For this reason, it is important for institutions for higher education in Kosovo. You can see more details about EOSC on the website https://eosc-portal.eu/about/eosc.

Kosovo Digital Economy (KODE) Project