Notice about Online Learning

Notice about Online Learning

We would like to inform you that the SMU module for the virtual classroom - online learning - has been functionalized.

It should be borne in mind that for the operation of this module must be operated on the basis of the user manual. In this case, professors and students have the main role as these actors are the ones who interact with each other. If it is done in another way or using different platforms for online meetings, for example zoom, skype conferences, etc., etc. the SMU system or the Virtual Class module cannot perform the job for which it was created. Through this student module it will be evidenced that they have attended lectures and professors and assistant professors will be evidenced that they have given lectures at the respective schedules set by the University.

Note: Professors should not invite students to the virtual class via private email or by sending you the link in any other way as the student and professor cannot be identified in the SMU. The professor must not invite students to the classroom. Students apply for a classroom meeting and everything goes well.


Teacher's Manual - Virtual Classroom

Student Manual - Virtual Classroom